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April 1, sustainability is chill


Waste-free world
From April 1, 2023, producers and importers of beverage packaging with a capacity of up to and including 3 liters will have to levy a deposit on cans. This means that a 15 cent deposit will be levied on cans of soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, milk, water and beer, just as is already the case with plastic bottles. A rule that contributes to sustainability, which ultimately makes us all happy. This introduction naturally has consequences for consumers, but also for businesses. It is therefore important that organizations prepare well for this new regulation.

Advice and support
RCN can support organizations in the separate collection of tin deposits and in the sustainable collection and processing of all kinds of other types of tin (packaging). The best way to do this depends on several factors. That is why we like to investigate the consequences together with organizations and how we can best deal with this. This includes determining the correct collection means. We advise on this and, if desired, play a role in the complete waste management.