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Take a deep breath: Microplastic


Take a deep breath: did you know that the air you breathe may contain microplastics?
Yes, you read that right. Recent research has shown that microplastics are present in the atmosphere and can have adverse effects on both our health and the environment. In this blog we dive deeper into this topic!

What are microplastics and how do they end up in the air?
Tiny plastic particles less than 5 millimeters in size. They come from everywhere and nowhere: from crumbling plastic objects to the synthetic fibers in our clothes. Even the wear of car tires on the road contributes to this. These microplastics are spread through all kinds of processes and eventually end up in the air.

The impact of microplastics on health:
Various sources write about the impact of microplastics on health. For example, these particles would reach your lungs and other organs and possibly cause annoying inflammation and disrupt the immune system. While much research remains to be done on this topic, it is clear that taking action to reduce exposure to microplastics is important.

Breath in breath out.

The solution?
Because there are ways to reduce the amount of microplastics in the air. For example, choose reusable alternatives such as shopping bags and water bottles!
While individual actions are important, governments and industries also need to commit to policies and sustainable production processes to effectively tackle plastic pollution.

Cooperation at different levels is crucial in the fight against microplastics in the air!