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Waste administration, even that!


To fall off?
Most people don't like to lose weight. And secretly that also applies to waste. In addition
administration is not necessarily the biggest hobby for many organizations.
We do not interfere with losing weight (although, if there is a real need for this, we are happy to give tips),
but we did eat cottage cheese from waste and administration.

What we can tell you, among other things, is the following: it is mandatory to keep the administration of your
organize waste. Article 10.38 (yes, they also come up with legal articles) of
the Environmental Management Act tells us that organizations have an obligation to register their waste management. The
administration must be kept for 5 years and must be available for inspection authorities.

What needs to be registered? Among other things, to whom the waste is handed over and the
place and the way in which these substances are processed. The correct name and quantity
of the waste should also be included.

Do not feel like? No time for? Lack of knowledge?
To each his own anyway! And yes, our thing is trash. And administration. We'll take you
waste administration and registration are therefore gladly out of your hands! We have the legal knowledge to not only process your waste and residual flows in accordance with the law, but also to register them. This means that organizations can focus on what they do best, without having to worry about waste administration and registration.

Are those the benefits? OK, one more then. By processing residual and waste materials to us
you can choose to place the responsibility with us. In case of any inspection,
can then be referred to RCN. Are you also rid of that! So all the time to your own
to do work and even have a few hours left over to exercise. That's how we help anyway
to lose weight!