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Recycling Consultants Nederland provides advice that fits your specific business situation. To do this, we first analyze the waste policy within your organization by means of a Quick Scan analysis.
In doing so, we determine whether you meet all legal requirements.
If desired, we also measure and analyze your company's CO2 emissions and advise you on an emission reduction.
Based on these analyzes, we prepare a plan for sorting and processing your waste.


CSR is an integral vision of sustainable business.
A company that conducts corporate social responsibility makes a trade-off between the various social and economic effects with every business decision. This method of waste processing is therefore good for your business balance and for the environment.
You also strengthen your corporate image in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR).


We act in accordance with the rules of Dutch environmental legislation and are certified by the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment.
In addition, we only work with final processors with a valid license.
With RPB your waste is in good hands!